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how you can help

Each year the classes and courses run by Mahasiddha Kadampa Meditation Centre provide thousands of Sydney-siders with the opportunity to experience a truly peaceful and happy life. Through Buddha’s teachings we learn simple and practical techniques to transform our mind from negative to positive and thereby overcome our anxieties, develop our self-esteem and create harmonious and loving relationships. These teachings give us solutions for the painful feelings that we experience in challenging situations such as relationship break-ups and difficulties at work, and help to ease the suffering associated with illness and loss.

Having access to Buddha’s wisdom, as well as holy places of refuge such as our World Peace Temples, is therefore immensely beneficial and meaningful.

how you can help others to have the same opportunity
All of our Centre’s activities depend upon the kindness of our community. Every Kadampa Centre is completely run by volunteers and it is through the generous support of the community - by volunteering and making financial contributions - that we are able to offer these classes, as well as the other courses and events that we run throughout Sydney.

At present we are raising funds in order to facilitate essential building maintenance and repairs as well as to renovate the reception area of our Surry Hills Temple, in the hope to make it an even more beautiful and hospitable space for all of Sydney.

all donations toward the project are tax deductible
With the end of financial year looming, you may wish to take the opportunity to make a tax deductible donation before June 30th.  Every contribution will directly support the development of our Centre and the spreading of Kadam Dharma in our region and throughout Australia.

Every donation - regardless of size, is a significant contribution!

If you have the wish to make a financial contribution please see the information below - and feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions.

Thank you for supporting these meaningful activities and we wish you every success with your meditation practice!

making donations
All donations to the Building Fund are tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation you can do so here:

  • Donations can also be made by depositing funds directly into our Building Fund held with Westpac Bank.
    Name: Mahasiddha Buddhist Centre
    BSB: 032032
    Account: 202607

    * Please include your name in the description and contact the Centre to let us know your address so that we can send you a receipt for your tax deductible donation.
  • You can also send a cheque to Mahasiddha Centre at 693-695 South Dowling St, Surry Hills, 2010
  • You can make a donation at your local drop-in class. Just ask the assistant for a donation envelope.

making an interest-free loan to the centre
If you would like to make a loan to the Centre, please contact Rabka at or call her on 9699 9902

693-695 South Dowling St,
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Tel: 96999902

We currently offer meditation & buddhism drop-in classes in 12 locations throughout Sydney. Everyone is welcome to attend these meditation classes and to visit our Centre in Surry Hills.

Meditation courses in Sydney & fundraising.