course descriptions

course descriptions

Meditations for Dealing with Life
Navigate your way through life with confidence and learn to deal with your daily problems more effectively. Each week a different method for dealing with life will be taught.

Overcoming Anxiety
Learn simple meditations and helpful ways of thinking to help you combat feelings of anxiety in daily life. Understand the causes of anxiety and how to overcome them. Tap in to your own potential for a calm and peaceful mind.

Building Better Relationships
Discover how to remove friction, pain and negativity from your relationships. Learn how the practices of acceptance, love and understanding can profoundly transform the way you view and relate to the people in your life.

5 Easy Steps to a Happy Life
Learn how to create a happy life for yourself in five easy steps. Develop a daily practice of positive thinking to make each day of your life joyful and rewarding.

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We currently offer meditation & buddhism drop-in classes in 12 locations throughout Sydney. Everyone is welcome to attend these meditation classes and to visit our Centre in Surry Hills.

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